Niche Markets

In the beginning, we took it all on, but what we found is that we really enjoy working with people on their personal books. Our specialty is doing personal bookkeeping for seniors, particularly in situations where a husband might have always paid the bills and done the taxes, and now the widow is at a loss, doesn’t know where any of her money is. We can come in and put it all together, show her everything, read security statements for her. We can organize her on a monthly or quarterly basis to do her bank and credit card reconciliations.

TwinLine Bookkeeping specializes in customizing basic services to fulfill the needs of these niche markets and individuals in unique circumstances—artists, writers, actors, busy people who put their energies into multiple activities and simply don’t have time, but are not yet ready for a management company.

Professionalism, confidentiality, competence, integrity — these are the standards by which TwinLine Bookkeeping operates. Joan and Linda can assess the needs of an individual or business in one meeting—and more importantly, they can determine the level of service to recommend in order to get the job done in the least amount of time. So if your business brings in collections intermittently — think of those actors, writers, and artists — you might only require quarterly or annual service. If you only need to have your personal or intermittent account organized as a one-time service, they are glad to do that, too.