The Twins of TwinLine!

We felt there was a lack of customized bookkeeping services for certain demographics and independent earners. For example, we’re big theater people, and we know that working actors are not typically ‘employed.’ They are independent contractors who should incorporate and move their finances away from their personal accounts. Other people who simply can’t do it themselves anymore or never really understood bookkeeping in the first place need a sense of security. We even visit with them in their homes. We want to make it a pleasant, welcoming experience.

Joan Grant and Linda Abrams—a third-generation set of twins!—have worked together in the field of bookkeeping, a straight-forward service industry to which they bring considerable skills. After dual careers amounting to a combined 30 years of experience, the opportunity to develop their own shop opened up and TwinLine Bookkeeping was launched, offering services that cover all the regular categories and more. And they do it with a personalized touch.


Dealing closely with external accounting firms, tax preparation support, office administration, and human resource functions has given them an in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements of small to medium size businesses.



Joan Grant is a CPA with a tax background who worked as a controller for a variety of businesses and who serves as treasurer for Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County on Long Island. Joan is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. She works with seniors and older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals and high net worth individuals assisting them with money management daily tasks.



Linda Abrams has a Master’s Degree in health administration and was administrator at a law firm. Together, they’ve engaged in a wide variety of commercial, professional, and private activities and services. These include financial services, legal services, medical billing assistance, technology, third-party support businesses, and investment services. They apply their expertise to solve people’s unique bookkeeping needs.

Working together was something we’d always wanted to do. Now we work for you. We have the solutions you’re looking for, plus great tips on basic bookkeeping and collections. Keeping track of your business and personal finances is our expertise. Leave it to us!